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About Us

Welcome to Tvsportsguide.com! A TV guide for Sports for the US.

We are a team of enthusiastic sports writers, developers and digital marketing experts that all share a common passion for watching sports. The idea of our platform emerged from our shared interest in watching live sport on TV.

As time passed, we felt that there was a growing gap within the market for a product that was more easily accessible. This led us to put our heads together and get the ball rolling on what we felt was a much-needed platform. After all, who doesn’t enjoy live sport on tv for free?

And as the age old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. And this is exactly why we decided to launch an online TV sports guide and soon a mobile app. By creating a platform that ensures like-minded sports fans you’ll never miss a match on TV. So whether you’re passionate about NBA, NFL, NBA, NHL or would like to keep an eye on the Champions League TV Schedule, this is certainly your go-to site!

Our team of avid sports fans at TVsportsguide.com provide a service to the United States and is part of a family of TV sports guides that serve millions of fans across Sweden (TVmatchen.nu), Norway (TVkampen.com), Denmark (TVsporten.dk), United Kingdom(TVsportguide.com), Finland(TVmatsit.com), Italy (TVsportiva.it) and Germany (TVsportguide.de).

Our team of experts works hard to deliver real-time TV listings to ensure fans of various sports are always up-to-date with the events of their favourite sports disciplines, teams and all the latest, must-watch tournaments! The platform is available on both in desktop and mobile versions which can soon be downloaded via Google Play and AppStore.

The website features go beyond TV sports listings – the platform offers high-quality content that improves fans’ viewing experience, with things like team news and match statistics available for a range of games. Think of it as an extensive sports guide.

But that’s not all! You can even personally select your favourite sports, leagues and teams to set-up alerts for the next big game – that way you’ll be updated on all the sport on tv available.

Tvsportsguide.com is owned by Raketech Group plc, a leading iGaming affiliate and content marketing company that manages media websites across Europe. The company follows a clear framework for responsible practices and guides both sports and gaming enthusiasts to the best possible services available on the market.

Want to be part of the excitement sports brings? Well then, we advise you to tune in and watch sport on tv. Whether you’re into watching Ice Hockey on TV or prefer watching the World Cup on tv, we’ve got you sorted! All that’s left to do is for you to crack open a beer, sit back and relax!