The NHL 2021 Playoffs are underway
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The NHL 2021 Playoffs are underway

The 2021 NHL Playoffs are now well underway.  Here is everything you ought to know about when and where games are being played, as well as tipping on who is favorite to win the Stanley Cup.  All three divisions on the American side of the border will begin the playoffs this weekend in what should be an exciting start to the tournament.

Where are the NHL Playoffs?

The NHL playoffs take place all over the states and Canada.  This normally depends on which teams qualify for the post season.

How Does it Work?

The Top four teams in each division makes the playoffs, the No.1 seed playing No.4, the second best team against No.3, with the winners all progressing to play each other.  After this round of events, one team will be crowned winner of their division.  The four teams that win their respective division will be re-seeded based on the total points acquired during the regular season.  All this simply means that this year we could be in for some very keenly contested and unexpected encounters.

Who are the Favorites to win the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs?

The Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights both stemming from the West Division, are a cut above from the rest and considered the biggest favourites to claim the trophy.  Defending Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning look to be way short of the team who last won the cup; and having won just eight of fourteen in April, they will surely need to level things up if they are to be with a chance of repeating their success.

Who are the most successful teams in the history of the Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Canadiens are currently the most successful team to feature in the Stanley Cup, having won 24 titles since the inception of the competition in 1915.

They have reached the playoffs a record 86 times and the Stanley Cup final 33 times.  They have been on the receiving end just nine times in their finals appearances, registering a 72% win rate in the process.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings are the other two teams who have also enjoyed highly successful spells in the tournament.  The Maple Leafs have won the competition 13 times, while the Red Wings have won it 11 times while also being the most successful team from the states in the competitions’ cup history.

Who Won the Stanley Cup Last year?

The Tampa Bay Lightning won the competition last year, defeating the Dallas Stars 4-2