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European Championship on TV and Stream

The UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying stage is played between March 2019 and March 2020. In the qualifying round no less than 55 national teams will compete for the 24 places in the final tournament. The final tournament is spread out in 12 cities in 12 European countries. Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be used for the first time in UEFA Euros. Here you can find a complete TV guide and fixtures list to all Euro Qualifier matches that are shown on TV and Live stream. Fixtures, tables and top scorers will also be available here.

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Euro 2020 Three Lions fixture TV Screenings

Following a magical World Cup back in the summer, where there were upsets galore and football very nearly came home, fans have been chomping at the bit for some more action. Of course, we have seen all sort of great action from the nation's league, but nothing quite meets up to the prospect of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers.

After a 3-year absence, it’s time for the Euros 2020 qualifiers tv returns to our screen, with all the Euro qualifiers groups ready to start battling it out for a place in the finals. Which, of course, includes England. The Three Lions group qualifiers kick off this weekend, with your first taste of homegrown Euros Qualifiers TV action coming on Friday night.

This guide will help you find out all you need to know about watching Three Lions tv broadcast fixtures this week and into the future, as well as the other Euros qualifiers tv fixtures, so you never miss any of the Euros 2020 qualifiers.

Who Do England Have?

We dare say that when it comes to Three Lion's tv action in The Euros 2020 qualifiers, it will make for some very pleasant viewing. The reason for this is simple, out of all the euros qualifiers groups, the Three Lions group qualifiers look like some of the most straightforward. While, of course, this has been said many times before, under the tenure of the mighty Gareth Southgate the Three Lions fixtures should be lightwork for the new look England squad.

England will be kicking off their Three Lions qualifiers campaign against the Czech Republic on Friday. Which will be by far the biggest challenge. Although they have only ever qualified once for the World Cup, they are yet to miss a Euros and won’t be looking to break that good streak and shouldn’t be underestimated. However, England squad outmatch their squad across the pitch and anything less than a win would be a disappointment.

The next Three Lions fixture sees them up against the tiny Baltic country of Montenegro, who have a population of just over 622,000 people. While they haven’t been in bad form, beating Lithuania home and away last year, and are ranked a surprisingly high 46th in the world, they have never qualified for a major tournament.

Following this, the Three Lions then take on another, slightly larger, Baltic Nation, Kosovo. They are ranked 130th in the world and formed just 3 years ago so they were not even around for the last Euros. Kosovo are actually unbeaten in 6 games, but this is against much small nations than even them, including Malta, Faroe Island and Azerbaijan. As such, this should be another walk in the park for England.

Finally, England must play Bulgaria. Who, again, won’t be too easy but are still not on the same level as England.  And so, with these considered, this could be the easiest Three Lions Qualifiers campaign in a long while, and watching the Three Lions tv will be a great opportunity to watch our players showcase their talent.

Where Will Euros 2020 Qualifiers TV be Shown?

The lion’s share of the games of the European Qualifiers TV belongs to Sky Sports. 

They will be showing the top picks of the Euros 2020 qualifiers tv games on their main football channel, Sky Sports Football. There will also be some appearing on their other channels, with Euros Qualifiers tv popping up on Sky Sports Premier League Channel and Sky Sports Mix.

Of course, you may have noticed this is just three channels for all the Euro 2020 qualifiers tv happening this weekend. Well, that is because all the other games can be accessed via pressing the Red Button on the Sky Sports Football Channel and then taking your pick.

However, this does not include the Three Lions group qualifiers though. All of the Lion fixtures will be available to watch on ITV, without the need for a Sky Subscription. As such, you will be able to catch the first game this Friday against the Czech Republic and their second match against Montenegro on Monday, both in ITV. And so, you should have no worries finding them.

This said, if you are looking to catch the fellow home nations Euros 2020 qualifiers tv showings, then you still need Sky. For example, to watch Scotland play Kazakhstan on Thursday, or Wales Play Slovakia on Sunday, you will need to access Sky Football or Sky Main Event.