MLB 2022 Weekly Preview: News, scores, and upcoming games
MLB 2022 Photo by: Joshua Peacock on Unsplash

MLB 2022 Weekly Preview: News, scores, and upcoming games

To ensure you’re aware of all the latest gossip and scores in the MLB 2022 season, just read our info and news right here.

MLB important headlines

  • Steph Curry throws first pitch before A’s vs. Astros (Athletics win 4-0)
  • Marlins win 7-6 nail-biter versus Reds
  • Low-scoring game but Yankees defeat Royals 1-0, Judge gets 39th homer
  • Phillies come out on top in epic 8-7 victory against Pirates
  • Dodgers simply annihilate Rockies 13-0, Trea Turner with 3 runs
  • Outfielder Andrew Benintendi traded from Royals to Yankees
  • Mets pick up Tyler Naquin and Phillip Diehl in trade with Cincinnati
  • Miami pitcher Daniel Castano concussed after being hit in the head by a baseball at 104 mph
  • Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton out for 3 weeks with Achilles injury
  • Red Sox even series 2-2 against Guardians with 4-2 victory

Game of the week

Philadelphia Phillies – 8
@ Pittsburgh Pirates – 7
Thursday, July 28th

Not that it would have helped their season very much, but the 40-59 Pirates really could have used that win. Sadly for Pittsburgh fans, it was the Phillies who rolled out of town with a close 8-7 victory. The Phillies are now 52-47 and placed sixth in the National League.

This is the first of four matchups, and while it’s no indication of how the other three games will play out, it will be interesting to see how the Pirates fight back against such a crushing loss.

The Phillies were helped massively by Kyle Schwarber, who hit his 32nd home run to reach second place in the MLB standings behind Aaron Judge. Schwarber already has 65 runs for the season, as well as 74 hits and a batting average of .204.

It wasn’t just with the bat, however, where the Phillies were better, as pitcher Zack Wheeler threw seven fantastic innings, ending the game by giving up just three hits, two runs, two errors, and picking up eight strikeouts.  

Pittsburgh, to its credit, did score five times in the 9th inning to make it a real contest. But tough fielding and Wheeler’s superb throwing (ERA of 2.77) put a close to any hopes of a Pirates’ comeback late in the game.

The Phillies had an equally strong 7-2 win against the Braves on Wednesday night, so to keep up the high-scoring run rate is a great sign of things to come. No lead is 100% safe in any game, but it does provide a bit of breathing room when the competition goes up a gear.

Philadelphia is tied with St. Louis at the moment, but is way ahead of San Francisco in the NL. It will take some effort to catch San Diego, but there’s every chance of sitting comfortably in sixth place until the playoffs start on October 7th.

MLB Power Rankings 2022

Here’s a quick recap of the five best teams in the MLB Power Rankings in 2022.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: 66-32

Until the trade deadline is reached on August 2nd, every baseball fan is watching the news regarding a Juan Soto move to the Dodgers. L.A. has all the pieces and prospects to make a deal happen, but it has been all rumors until now.

Apart from two uncharacteristic losses to Washington, the Dodgers are simply firing on all cylinders. The 13-0 demolition of the Rockies is a solid indication of the type of form L.A. has right now, but there is still a bit of room for improvement on the pitching side.

Dustin May and Blake Treinen will return soon and are sure to help the pitching lineup straight away, and the news that Walker Buehler should be fit and able by September is a welcome update indeed. The Dodgers can keep relying on Betts and Freeman to stack up the runs and keep the momentum going.

2. New York Yankees: 67-33

No one would have thought the Yankees were human a few months ago, but they’ve gone 5-5 in their last 10, and injuries to Giancarlo Stanton and Michael King could also derail a fairy tale season.

New York just squeaked their way past the Royals with a 1-0 victory recently, and if it weren’t for the heroics of Judge (39 home runs and counting), then there could be a few nervous folks in the Yankees.

The team has been quite active before the trade deadline, with Andrew Benintendi being the latest acquisition, and it feels like there will be one or two more deals before August 2nd arrives.

3. Houston Astros: 65-35

The Astros were looking unstoppable for a while after reeling off wins against the Yankees and Mariners, but things did slow down after three tough losses against Oakland.

Still, there’s little reason to worry, as the Astros continue to defy expectations and show the league that it’s not all about New York or Los Angeles in the baseball world.

Justin Verlander is just crushing it at the mound, with a 1.86 ERA and 117 strikeouts. On the other side, Yordan Alvarez is leading with the bat, totaling 65 runs (29 homers) and an average of .309. The Astros are in good hands with these two leading the team in their respective roles, and even if Yuli Gurriel is struggling right now, there is enough talent to get them through.

4. New York Mets: 61-37

The Mets are certainly no joke in the MLB, and are tired of the Yankees taking the entire spotlight in New York. The squad has been busy before the deadline, picking up Dan Vogelbach, Tyler Naquin, and Phillip Diehl. All are solid pieces that will fit in well with a great roster, so we’re hyped to see how things will improve.

Despite Chris Bassitt pitching well and Starling Marte performing great with the bat, the stats don’t leap off the page just yet. The Mets are playing great team baseball and in the end, this could certainly be what helps them gain the upper hand in the playoffs.

5. Atlanta Braves: 59-41

The Braves have gone 6-4 in their last 10, but the current World Series champions always bounce back from any bad patch in the schedule. Austin Riley is fresh from the All-Star Game and is crushing it at the plate, with 60 runs (28 homers), 113 hits, and an average of .294.

We want to see far more from Riley, but this performance is just what Atlanta needs to climb the standings. Third place is not the worst spot to be in the National League, and the Brewers don’t look like much of a threat in fourth, so Braves fans should be content.

Must-see upcoming MLB game

Check out the following matchup on the MLB schedule.

Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros on Saturday 30th July

Likely first pitchers:
Mariners – Robbie Ray
Astros – Justin Verlander

It was the Houston Astros that put an end to the incredible 14-game win streak that the Mariners somehow racked up. That crazy run of victories bolted Seattle up the standings and made them an interesting team to watch in the league.

In this new four-game series against the Astros, the Mariners have already lost one game to Houston, but there are three more games for Seattle to get revenge.

The Mariners will need to rely heavily on the likes of Julio Rodriguez and Ty France to maintain a steady flow of runs. Both have been tremendous this season, and France especially is one player that Seattle needs to keep in order to stay relevant over the next few seasons.

On the pitching side, Robbie Ray vs. Justin Verlander will be a fascinating matchup. Ray’s 136 strikeouts and 2.78 ERA is something that the Astros will need to look out for, and with both teams so close in the standings, expect a lot of tension on the pitch when things get rolling.

The Astros should take this game, but the Mariners can easily pick up the following two matchups.

Author: Joe Garland