MLB 2022 Weekly Preview: News, scores, and upcoming games
MLB 2022 Photo by: Joshua Peacock on Unsplash

MLB 2022 Weekly Preview: News, scores, and upcoming games

Want to know what’s been going on in the MLB in 2022? Discover the latest news and scores from across the league right here.

MLB major headlines

  • Giants rally against Mets for huge 13-12 victory helped by Pederson’s three homers
  • Yankees almost suffer defeat at the hands of the Orioles, but manage to win 7-6
  • Red Sox demolish White Sox in statement victory, 16-3
  • Low-scoring game but a 2-0 win is still a win for the Twins over the Tigers
  • Yankees’ Donaldson gets one-game suspension after “Jackie” remark to White Sox’s Anderson
  • Former Rookie of the Year, Kyle Lewis, returns to the pitch for Mariners after close to a year off due to injury

Game of the week

New York Mets – 12 @ San Francisco Giants – 13 on Tuesday, May 24th

Revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say, which is exactly what the 23-19 Giants delivered to the 29-16 Mets on Tuesday night.

After being annihilated 13-3 by the Mets in the first meeting, the Giants looked on the brink of defeat yet again in the second matchup, until the San Francisco batters got their act together to pull off a massive comeback and eventual win, 13-12.

It was a great team effort by the Giants, but a lot of the credit needs to go to Joc Pederson. Arguably the best game of his baseball career, Pederson picked up three homers (even one that sailed into the San Francisco bay) and eight runs in the victory that was one of the wildest of the season.

Pederson reportedly had a brief yet important conversation with home run king, Barry Bonds, before the game. If this was the result, then Pederson and Bonds really should connect before every matchup.

“Just getting knowledge from such a good hitter and the way he thinks about baseball and hitting, it just helped to connect some dots to free my mind up at the plate,” said Pederson after the win. “I’m not ever going to be Barry Bonds. He’s the best hitter to touch a bat. But it definitely helped free my mind up in the box.”

The crowning moment apart from the brilliance of Pederson was no doubt from Brandon Crawford, as it was he that hit the game-winning single to take the Giants home. San Francisco blew a six-run lead late in the game, but managed to claw back the much-needed victory.

The Mets certainly had their chances to finish off the Giants, but threw a lot of wayward fastballs, in particular, towards the end of the game and gave San Francisco the hope it needed to boost the offense.

Pederson’s performance is being regarded as one of the best in this era of the Giants, as it was his three home runs that gave the team hope when it looked like things were already over.

The Mets will again face the Giants in the third and final matchup, so we expect to see one more high-scoring, exciting game that has the San Francisco crowd in a frenzy. We’ll be disappointed if there isn’t at least one homer landing in the bay once more.

The best two MLB teams to watch right now

Here are two of the most interesting teams that you need to know about in baseball this month.

Los Angeles Angels – Superstar city

Much like the Clippers against the Lakers, the Angels are attempting to take over the Dodgers as the city’s best team in baseball. With Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani lighting the league on fire with their stellar play, as well as up-and-comers like Taylor Ward and Patrick Sandoval (crushing it with his slider on the pitcher’s mound), the Angels have a formidable lineup.

But really, it’s Trout who could be the best player in the league right now, as his talent shines forth and is evident every time he steps up to the plate. He plays with love and joy for the game that only the fans’ can match, and his appearance on the Angels is a great sign for the franchise in the future. Trout already has 12 runs and a .328 batting average (eighth in the MLB).

Toronto Blue Jays – Young and confident

It’s always fun to support a team that is youthful, fun, and also darn good. We’re hugely impressed by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. so far, as he’s quickly becoming one of the biggest hitters in the league. Plus, Bo Bichette and Alek Manoah are displaying some of the best young talents on any roster, which is something that the Blue Jays will be enjoying for the coming seasons.

The great thing is that Toronto still has several wily veterans that can teach these youngsters a thing or two, as all too often we’ve seen youthful teams lose their way without solid leadership from the more experienced athletes on the team.

Even if Toronto isn’t your city, the Blue Jays play with style and freeness that is the envy of the league. We can’t wait to see this lineup dazzle in the playoffs and show everyone what they’re made of.

Must-see upcoming MLB game

Check out the following matchup on the MLB schedule.

Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White Sox on Thursday 26th May

Likely first pitchers:
Red Sox – Rich Hill
White Sox  – Lucas Giolito

No doubt that the White Sox are as shocked as anyone after Boston absolutely crushed them in the first of three matchups, 16-3. The Red Sox will be looking for their seventh straight win, and they very well may get it if the performance is similar to Wednesday.

The 20-22 Red Sox are now looking like a contender for the World Series yet again, as everything before the win streak has been iffy to say the least. The batters, especially, are swinging with pure accuracy and hitting with purpose, at last.

In fact, it was Enrique Hernandez that picked up a homer on the very first pitch of the game, setting the scene for what would be a drubbing of Chicago. Hernandez ended that game with two runs and two hits, but Trevor Story (two runs) and J.D. Martinez (three runs) were also outstanding for a Boston team that needed wins badly.

Story has been the real story (sorry for the joke) for the Red Sox this month, as he already has eight home runs and is batting with a .231 average (118th in the MLB).

For the 21-21 White Sox, there’s nothing to believe that the sky is falling because of one bad loss, as the team has been pretty up and down all season. Still, it’s really Tim Anderson who is keeping the White Sox’s offense together, with a batting average of .365 (third in the MLB) and five home runs so far.

Anderson, meanwhile, is dealing with the aftermath of the strange “Jackie” comment made to him by the Yankees’ Josh Donaldson recently. The statement has sparked fury around the league, as Anderson is one of the few black athletes in the MLB, and Donaldson’s remark is a direct comparison to Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball back in 1947.

Donaldson will serve a one-game suspension and has faced criticism even from his teammate, Aaron Judge, who rarely speaks out on issues in the MLB.

The White Sox are in further drama after it was announced that center fielder, Luis Robert, is going to miss several key games after being placed in health and safety protocols due to the coronavirus.

Robert has been huge for Chicago and leads the team in home runs with six. His absence will be evident, and it’s for this reason that we believe that the Red Sox are going to win all three games against the White Sox.

Author: Joe Garland