5 Things to Love about the NBA Playoffs

5 Things to Love about the NBA Playoffs

The 2020-21 NBA season is finally heading into the playoffs.  Fans are already super excited to see how the already qualified teams would fare.  That being said, the NBA Playoffs 2021 will kick start towards the end of this month.

The event remains one of the most, if not the most intriguing sporting events of the year where the NBA’s top players compete for the ultimate prize – The NBA Championship.

Here are 5 things which make the NBA playoffs an unmissable event on the sporting calendar in 2021.

1. A Large Selection Of Talent

You’ve got the greatest talent pool under one roof.  It can greatly be argued that the pool of talent available at the NBA playoffs are far greater than the Olympic games.

The level of talent running around the court is something which is often taken for granted.  It is about time we truly start appreciating the type of talent being displayed in this event. It is no wonder that millions of fans tune in each year to watch the playoffs where they can get a chance to watch the greatest players in action.

2. Where Champions are Created

The NBA playoffs are where most players make a name for themselves.  It is the stage where they show their true mettle.  Just go down the list of legends and the marquee moments in their careers and you can see where they have started from.

You cannot have an elite NBA team competing without one elite player.  That is the star who will carry a team when it is struggling on a bad evening.  He is the star who takes the big shot when the game is on the line.

Champions are made during the NBA playoffs and this will never change.

3. High Competition

You can only win NBA Championships if you are ready to spill blood and sweat.  The level of competitiveness is so high that it is somewhat admirable knowing that all those stars are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Everyone involved looks forward to the NBA playoffs and for a good reason.  It is simply entertaining and makes the competition a huge success.

4. The Unpredictable Turn Of Events

Unpredictability and surprises are what makes major sporting events even more appealing.  When it comes to the NBA playoffs you have to be ready for everything.  This year has proved to be one of those unexpected seasons and to an extent we should not be surprised.

The reigning champions are left fighting to avoid having to participate in the postseason’s play-in.  The Knicks who are usually struggling and not even considered, are looking pretty and taking blowtorches to defenses.

It would make total sense if the answer to all these occurring riddles are staring us in the face already.

We just have to wait for the playoffs to begin to find out.

5. Teams Fight Hard For Their Prize

It is a truly fulfilling sensation of watching a team play their hearts out and ultimately lifting the trophy with that sense of relief and joy on the players’ faces.  It really puts it all in perspective for not only the fans, but also the players, coaches, and everyone else involved.

We often tend to forget that playing in the NBA for these professionals is their job and source of their existence.  A little recognition would go a long way and the NBA should not be any different.