NFL 2021 Season Preview - here's what you need to know
Most valuable teams Photo by: Dave Adamson/Unsplash

NFL 2021 Season Preview – here’s what you need to know

The football season is finally upon us. Kickoff is Thursday night with the Super Bowl Champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Dallas Cowboys. But the favorites to go all the way are the Kansas City Chiefs. They’re followed by the Bucks and Buffalo Bills, in that order.

The Chiefs were defeated in Super Bowl LV, but the year before that they managed to get out on top against the 49ers with 31 to 20. If they manage to get to the Super Bowl again this year, they would make it 3 in a row, and would in turn become the 4th team ever in doing so. The others being Miami Dolphins between ’71-73, the Bills between ’90-93 and more recently, the New England Patriots between ’16-18.

Despite the Chief’s recent SuperBowl heartbreak, they are still the bookies’ favorites to go all the way and win their second SuperBowl in three years.

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Important dates NFL 2021

Week 2, Sunday 19th of September: Chiefs @ Ravens

As of late, this has been one of the greatest games in the league. You got Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes as the quarterbacks, some of the best QBs in the league. The team defenses will have their hands full here, that’s for sure.

Week 17, 3rd of January: Browns @ Steelers

Last season the Browns smashed the Steelers in the Super Wildcard Weekend, which was unexpected for most. This rematch will be fierce.

Week 5, Sunday 10th of October: Bills @ Chiefs

Two of this season’s favorites go head to head in week 5. The two sides faced off in the AFC Championship game last season which was one of the most eye-catching games beforehand. Sadly it ended in disappointment. Hopefully this year it will be more entertaining.

Week 4, Sunday 3rd of October: Bucks @ Pats

Tom Brady returns to New England for the first time since he changed his jersey for a red one. Since he left, their different fates took different routes. Brady went on to win another Super Bowl ring, whereas the Patriots struggled. With the fans in the stands, it will be interesting to see what kind of reception Brady is given from the home fans.

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Who to watch

Josh Allen, QB, Bills
Allen will look to build on his impressive previous season. From finishing 87th in the top 100 in 2020, he finished 10th in 2021. If Bills want to reach Super Bowl, Josh Allen will be instrumental in that feat.

Tom Brady, QB, Buccaneers
Young Brady is looking to win his second back-to-back Super Bowl in his career. Can he really pull it off? At this point, there is nothing that surprises us when it comes to Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs
Another QB to look out for is of course Mahomes. He’s the favorite to win the MVP award this season, and his Chiefs are the favorites to win the whole thing as previously mentioned. Chiefs will have a good year, that is almost for certain, and Mahomes will be in the center of it all once again.


We’ve seen some big trades go down and here are a few of the bigger transactions.

  • Julio Jones – From Atlanta Falcons to Tennessee Titans
  • Orlando Brown – From Baltimore Ravens to Kansas City Chiefs
  • Carson Wentz – From Philadelphia Eagles to Indianapolis Colts
  • Matthew Stafford – From Detroit Lions to LA Rams
  • Rodney Hudson – From Las Vegas Raiders to Arizona Cardinals
  • Gabe Jackson – From Las Vegas Raiders to Seattle Seahawks
  • Sam Darnold – From NY Jets to Carolina Panthers
  • Jared Goff – From LA Rams to Detroit Lions

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